1. What Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Is?
Problem-based learning (PBL) is a learning program that challenges students to learn through being engaged in the solution of real problems. [..]
 2. How Does PBL Work?
Researches in educational psychology has found that using traditional educational approaches, despite intense efforts of students and teachers, most material learned through lectures is soon forgotten, and natural problem solving abilities may actually be not developed. [..]
 3. The scenario of the problem-solving process
The scenario is defined as a critical situation whose solution can be reached trough different strategies [..]
 4. Web tools to make a video
There are many web tools to create a personal video from photos or manipulating your videoss. [..]
 5. What I have to do (in practice)
Once the groups are formed and the scenarios defined, PBL has the following phases [..]
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