Are you an artist? musician? actor? photographer? curator? painter? interested in the skills needed for creative entrepreneurship, and in making art a source of growth and job creation?

If so, and you are looking for an innovative and stimulating experience,

join the ArtS training today!

The ArtS training programme offers you the opportunity to attend three transversal modules, which correspond with the most important skills and competences, identified for the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Italy, Spain and Greece:

  • Business administration /management
  • Networking/ digital and media communication
  • Enterpreneurial skills and social entrepreneurship

And to choose at least 1 Module relevant with your specialization:

  • Craft
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Visual arts
  • Audiovisual and multimedia
  • Literary arts
  • Performing arts

Attending the training you will get an European certification valid around all Europe!

Participation and attendance are FREE!

Apply today HERE!

Extension of Applications until 31 October!

More information about the ArtS project can be found at:  or visit the project Facebook

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