The Province of Perugia is a local authority intermediate between the Umbria Region and the 59 Municipalities, with statutory, normative, organisational, administrative and financial autonomy. It represents the provincial community, takes care of the interests and promotes and coordinates cultural, civil, social and economic seeks to achieve a balanced set of its territory and work to improve the quality of the environment and living conditions. The Province works closely with schools and with regional offices of the ministry of education in national and Community projects.

Contact person:
Adriano Bei



TUCEP – Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme
TUCEP Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme is an association among Italian Universities and Enterprises created in 1992 under a former Comett project to promote cooperation between the world of work and that one of education and training. The main activity of TUCEP is to plan and manage research and training projects at regional, national and European levels. TUCEP coordinated many projects under Tempus, Socrates, Leonardo and was also responsible for the management of the research programs. Formerly it was the coordinator of projects related to Lifelong Learning Programmes and at present TUCEP is coordinator and partner of projects within Grundtvig, Comenius, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Leonardo TOI, Jean Monnet, Erasmus Placement.
Contact person: Maria Brizi



ARTES Srl, is a research, consulting & training planning company which operates in response to the orientation of the LifeLong Learning system by promoting research activities aimed at developing the “Knowledge Society”. It has developed tools and methods for the analyse the professions and of anticipating training needs which it applies today in the area of sectoral, territorial and business studies. It proposes a permanent monitoring system which, even through negotiation processes, would make transparent the competences possessed by workers and the learning results expected by the educational, training and labour systems on completion of formal, informal and non formal paths.
Contact person: Laila Bauleo



Superficie 8 is a vocational agency, accredited by the Umbria Region (Regional Authority) within the domain of macro typologies of vocational and permanent training, and an organisation which works in order to develop creativity skills and competences. At this regard it has managed a Comenius project called C.I.P.S. – Creative Industry Primary School and it is now collaborating for 8 years in organising and carrying out the Fantacity Festival, which is dedicated to children’s and adults’ creativity (designed by la Gramigna association)
The company actively collaborates with private companies distributed all over the country and with the institutions operating in the field of training at local and national level; in particular it collaborates with companies working in the field of children’s literature (Giunti Editore and Feltrinelli Editore), media and entertainment. At the moment is managing and coordinating four LLP projects: C.H.I.M.E.R.A., AQUA.TS, AHEAD and EuBike.
Contact person: Roberto Quatraccioni



Centro Studi e Formazione Villa Montesca (CSFVM) is a non-profit consortium which develops innovative educational initiatives and offers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary research expertise and training activities. It was founded in 2001 with headquarters in Villa Montesca, where the first country school was opened in 1901, with the aim to educate the farmers’ children giving them the opportunity to improve their way of living as well as their professional future. This kind of schools was an early experiment in democratic education open to everybody. In 1905 Maria Montessori organized with her a seminar which gave life to the first publication of the Method for Scientific Pedagogy, universally known as the Montessori Method.
CSFVM has a long experience in the coordination and collaboration in European projects in the field of research and education. For carrying out these projects, the Centre has received funding from ESF, as well as other kinds of funding linked to research and education sectors.
Contact person: Fabrizio Boldrini



INIT Developments Ltd., INIT (DE)
INIT Developments is located in Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which is the North-East province of Germany. It is specialized in the conception, application, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of EU projects. INIT Developments is very strongly integrated in regional structures and stakeholder networks and it cooperates closely with relevant bodies of regional development and education such as the City of Schwerin, the Baltic College, the University of Greifswald, the Association of Municipalities and several large vocational/adult training providers.
Within the last years, INIT was involved in more than 20 EU projects dealing with educational, training, regional development, labour market and European citizenship issues.
Contact person: Michael Schwaiger



Founded in Florence in 1950, Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni Speciali is the Italian leading publisher of psychodiagnostic tests and tools, in terms of catalogue, history and specific market.
Giunti O.S. operates in the sector of psychological assessment, vocational education and training, multimedia and e-learning, consulting and assessment of competencies, developing tools and innovative methods for different areas of application, such as:
– clinical: clinical and health psychology, psychiatry and child neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, logopedics etc.;
– human resources management: industrial and organisational psychology;
– education and guidance: tests for level assessment, diagnosis of learning difficulties, educational, professional and university guidance.
Contact person: Paolo Lippi



Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu (PL)
WYŻSZA SZKOŁA BIZNESU I NAUK O ZDROWIU (WSBINOZ) is the first non-public higher education institution in central Poland that offers health-allied and medical-allied studies as well as business and pedagogy faculties. The world class school facility and an outstanding training atmosphere promoted by highly competent and most distinguished specialist, practitioners and academic teachers guarantee the unique and ambitious curriculum, theoretical knowledge and practical skills so desired in professional life. Young adults are taught how to take advantage of the acquired skills and knowledge as well as to keep on developing personal abilities and become professionally successful.
Contact person: Goździk Ewelina K.



EUROACCION was established as legally as a regional organization in 2001 in Murcia (Spain). EUROACCION is formed by a group of people with strong convictions about experiencing new ways for adult learners, based on the idea that to change the world we have to change education. Euroaccion is an active member of UNIQUE Network ( ) and HREYN (
More than 70 volunteers at local level form Euroaccion and it has partners over the whole national territory in Spain as well as in more than 50 countries, in Europe, Asia and South America.
Euroaccion realises annually 50 courses and projects in the field of capacity building and social inclusion and Human Rights Education. The protection of human rights, especially the rights of minorities, is in the focus of regular regional and European conferences, seminars and workshops of this organisation.

Contact person: Diego Marín Romera



ITPIO – Institute for training of personnel in international organizations (BG)
ITPIO is a private non-profit organization (NGO) with the status of Association. Members of the Association are currently 5 leading Bulgarian universities and colleges, the most powerful trade union in Bulgaria, one of the 6 national employers association, the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, local and regional authorities, 7 SMEs, 2 corporations, 1 private hospital, 3 adult education providers, 7 centers for vocational training, 6 NGOs active in the education field, 2 regional educational inspectorates, many schools, 3 language schools, some school teachers associations and many individuals – prominent experts in the education, training, social, economic and academic spheres.
Contact person: Kovachev Ludmil



Ministry of Education and Science, Regional Inspectorate of education – Blagoevgrad (BG)
The Regional Inspectorate of Education (RIE) is the territorial administration of the Ministry of Education and Science in the Blagoevgrad Region for the management and control of the pre-school and school education system. RIE implements the state education policy to ensure equal access to education for all children of compulsory pre-school and school age (6 -16) in 133 schools and 75 kindergartens. RIE not only to guarantee an equal access to children in school but also makes sure that they stay in education and takes further measures to reduce absenteeism and the number of dropouts. RIE plays an intermediary role between schools and municipalities on local and regional level.
Contact person: Katya Ivanova



CEI – Center for Educational Initiatives (BG)
CEI is a non-governmental, non-profit association aimed at enhancing innovative educational initiatives, and facilitating educational reforms in the Bulgarian educational system through co-operation between institutions on regional and European level.
The main objectives of the organization are to facilitate co-operation in the field of education on local, regional and European level, to implement new methods, mainly based on ICT, and enhance co-operation between the state, society and NGOs on all levels, including the establishment and enlargement of school, parents, university and science organizations and institutions networks.
Contact person: Tzvetanski Tzvetan



The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta is a local public administration made up by 35 municipalities located 35 kilometers southwest of the city of Valencia. The Mancomunitat promotes services to improve social welfare, including actions in the presence of institutions and public or private entities to improve services. Also, it organises and collaborates on regional/local events, as well as on those events whose objective is making a well-known region.
The general services offered to municipalities are the following:

  • Regional, socioeconomic, environmental and cultural studies;
  • Regional promotion of cultural and sporting activities;
  • Equipment provision for public events;
  • Regional Development Agency;
  • AFIC (Agency for the Promotion of Commercial Initiatives);
  • Promotion of the Valencian language;
  • Families meeting point support service;
  • Waste management;
  • Civil protection coordination;
  • Sustainable public transport: city-cycles management;
  • Drinking water supply;
  • Traffic fines payments monitoring
  • Break-down truck service.

Contact person: Laura Bas Marián



The Municipality of Kyustendil is a legal entity, budget organization. It is a basic administrative and territorial unit with local self-government, municipal properties and independent municipal budget. The municipality is constituted of 71 villages. The Municipality of Kyustendil takes independent decisions on issues of local importance, which the law allows in the areas of: municipal property, municipal finances, taxes, municipal enterprises, urban planning and regional development, education, health, culture, public works and utilities, social services, environmental protection, use of natural resources, maintenance and protection of cultural, historical and architectural monuments, development of sport, recreation and tourism.
Contact person: Paunov Peter