Scholl Still Play Project

Are you a teacher or an educational actor? Do you have an early school leaving problem and high drop-out rates in your school ? SCHOOL STILL PLAYS can help you! This website will provide you ideas, methodologies and collaborative tools that can be implemented in order to prevent and reduce the school dropout.
The SSP partnership aims to develop specific experimental actions in order to overcome this problem through the realization of research, training, evaluation and school activities focused on life skills.
The project intends to favor an early detection and support of youngsters with problems in their school careers and to link young people with whom can provide support and guidance and ease reintegration. SSP includes stakeholders working in formal education and organisations working in informal/non-formal education.

The actions planned for SSP consist in :

  • Developing of European-shared methodological teaching techniques and procedures for monitoring and detection of learning difficulties and for the identification of those ‘at risk’, which can be adapted to very different regional contexts, even in the same country/Impact at national and European level
  • Embedding in schools curricula contents and methodologies to let students acquire life skills through the education of the emotions.

Are you a student ? You’ll find here information on where you can find support and guidance, in order to reconnect with your school and/or parents.

The dropout shows in general a suffering, given by the difference between the students and their teachers, between students and their subjects, namely the minimum knowledge needed and the “rules” of the school and the adult world.

The factors that cause the drop out of the educational context derive from poor performances or learning difficulties existing since the early school years, from unsuitable or no planning of the leisure and individual time combined with a limited participation in the activities carried out within the school. In some cases, weak verbal skills are associated with these factors.

However, the SSP partnership will be very challenged throughout the entire project, considering that:

  • Early school leaving phenomenon is not identified only with the drop out, which, however, remains the most dramatic phenomenon in a process of breaking (cultural, social, existential). Causes of dispersion, therefore, are not only those attributable to the socio – economic or personal distress areas.
  • School dropout is a multi-dimensional problem, including as relevant actors the individual, the individual in the group, the world of work and Institutions.