Will take place in Villa Montesca, Assisi and Bastia, on Friday 3 and Saturday, June 4 meeting of the European Civil Protection volunteers sponsored by the Foundation Villa Montesca  within the project EVANDE – “Enhancing Volunteer Awareness and education against Natural Disasters through E-learning” – Improve knowledge and education of volunteers against natural disasters through the E-learning)

Friday, 30 volunteers from Crete, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy will compete in Villa Montesca on their respective organizations and groups of their own experiences, and in the afternoon will visit the Operations Centre of the City of Castle Town led by the municipal administration responsible. On Saturday, the group will travel to Assisi where the Master Restorer Sergio Fusetti illustrate the interventions of recovery of the frescoes in the Basilica, the symbol worldwide.

In the early afternoon we will hold a meeting with the Regional Service of Civil Protection and voluntary groups in the Umbria Region; later on foreign guests will visit Expoemergenze, fair dedicated to safety and emergency interventions.

The project involves, in addition to the Foundation Villa Montesca, also the Museum of Natural History, University of Crete, University of Crete Technical, of the Ribera Consortium, Beigua Park, the EPPO Organization for planning and seismic protection and CEI for Education Initiatives Center. EVANDE aims to: create a new teaching tool to educate and train civil protection volunteers and officials of local authorities through the identification of best practices and knowledge, to develop a web platform to showcase courses and -learning and training activities, and also to organize and implement dissemination and local training.

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