The main goal of CALCULATE is to create an interactive platform with online courses for parents of children with dyscalculia in order to improve their skills and provide them with support on how to help their children overcome difficulties in dealing with math subjects. One of the main ideas of the project is to make the beneficiaries acquire basic strategies regarding dyscalculia, allow them to learn about other parents’ experiences with dyscalculia, including from other countries.

Among the expected results:

  • Creation of an online course curriculum for parents of children with dyscalculia
  • Creation of an interactive platform (e-learning) on approaches to dyscalculia and strategies for working with it
  • Improvement of parents’ skills and capacities for appropriate support for their children with dyscalculia
  • Creating a handbook for the identification of dyscalculia and teaching strategies
  • Contributing to educational policies on dyscalculia (policy paper)
  • Increase access to dyscalculia tools and materials
  • Develop new approaches and methods for dyscalculia
  • Gaining valuable data on the prevalence of dyscalculia in elementary school

The project involves learning, teaching, and training activities that will take place on site in some of the partner countries, in Mons (Belgium) and Skopje (North Macedonia).