European Projects

CO.R.E aims to enhance earlier detection of corruption risk through big data techniques and a data evidence-based approach constructing a Composite Indicator (CI) of corruption risk as a new tool to analyse data for preventing corruption, useful for the public sector and for the private one. Furthermore, because it isLeggi di più ..

The main purpose of this project is to promote the social inclusion of adults in a vulnerable situation through the acquisition of critical thinking and digital and media literacy skills. Objectives 1. Strengthen social inclusion and active digital participation in society of vulnerable groups, with the implementation of the DialogicLeggi di più ..

Objectives To support recovery of young people from difficulties that have arisen from measures against Covid-19 pandemic, in particular through positive actions that support their well-being and mental health. To prevent and combat gender-based violence among young people by supporting their psychological well-being through an evidence-based replicable service, with theirLeggi di più ..