TUDEC Through Upcycling to the Design of Ecocities

TUDEC Through Upcycling to the Design of Ecocities

The TUDEC Project ‘Through Upcycling to the Design of Ecocities’ has as its main objectives:

  1. – to broaden pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world by educating them about the UN Sustainable Social Development Goals, with a focus on SDG 11.
  2. – to promote awareness and capacity building of pupils and school staff on sustainable development, in particular with respect to Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) through an ecologically planned city model.
  3. – addressing the growing environmental challenges of the 21st century by developing educational material on ecological urban planning
  4. – encouraging children to become active agents of social change
  5. – provide school staff with tools to develop pupils’ understanding of natural systems, urban landscapes and ecological city planning
  6. – supporting and enhancing pupils’ knowledge of biological systems and urban landscapes as well as environmental planning processes.
  7. – to develop non-formal learning material and innovative tools that prioritise a holistic understanding of resilient urban development.

To achieve these objectives, the TUDEC partnership is working on the realisation of the following products:

  1. a Curriculum consisting of 6 Modules in all languages of the partnership. In each Module, educators can get an overview of different aspects of sustainable cities that are relevant to learners aged between 6 and 14. These range from the effective management of natural resources, to the promotion of biodiversity in cities, to the possibility of cohabiting with other species, to the design of inclusive infrastructures and spaces to strengthen the connection between people and nature. Each Module contains direct references to school curricula, but is also linked to suggestions for concrete activities that can be found in the final Handbook.
  2. Production of a Handbook containing an extensive set of Activities for each Module to be applied in and out of the classroom with learners aged 6 to 14. The Manual contains a set of ready-to-use teaching materials with interactive, experiential and learner-centred activities that will help educators work on the theme of sustainable cities with their learners. The Activities are ordered according to the topics of the Curriculum Modules and provide adaptations for different age groups as well as for different learning conditions and abilities. The training material will help educators practise creative and innovative methods to activate learners’ participation in the creation of sustainable cities from their own schools and communities.
  3. Creation of non-formal learning materials and innovative tools that prioritise a holistic understanding of resilient urban development (animated videos).

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