Ecvet for Digital Publishing (EfDP) will support the development of a suite of new credit-based Digital Publishing qualifications within the context of the European Qualification Framework (EQF) and related processes for European Credit Transfer for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

The project will respond to the demand for digital skills within the publishing industry and related sectors by developing course curricula for a suite of new ECVET based Digital Publishing qualifications focusing on 5 key areas:

(1) Content

Creating, sourcing and collating content for Digital Publishing, as well as editing and curation for online content and examining legal issues associated with intellectual copyright and clearing rights within Europe and internationally

(2) Production

Skills and knowledge for digital production processes that develop content into digital products, such as: e-books and audio books; digital magazines; blogs; and elearning materials

(3) Design

Analysis and justification of different design approaches; awareness of software options for creating digital assets; designing for instant impact, and online optimisation

(4) Distribution

Awareness of the channels and platforms available for delivery of digital content and assessment of options for different digital products and audience targeting and engagement

(5) Business Models

Understanding of the impact of digitisation on mainstream publishing, as well as developing knowledge of alternative and emerging business models that facilitate monetisation of digital content, including advertising and subscription-based models and multiplatform returns on intellectual property.


ECVET Partners, Principles and Processes

Following ECVET principles and processes, the EfDP project will work with VET Partners in 5 EU countries (Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, as well as the Federation of European Publishers who will act as an industry-focused ‘Expert Partner’ to develop ECVET based Digital Publishing VET qualifications that will enable learners to start training
towards their target qualification with a training provider in one EU country and then, whilst part way through, transfer the credits gained to date to another training provider in a different EU country to complete the course.

EfDP Target Groups
The primary project target groups are:

  • VET institutions historically or currently offering courses tailored to the traditional publishing sector, but especially those interested in:
    a) developing qualifications based on skills appropriate to the transition to digital within traditional publishing and/or
    b) wishing to offer VET provision related to the spectrum of skills relevant to ‘stand-alone’ digital publishing.
  • VET learners interested in pursuing a career in publishing, primarily be young people aged 19-24 facing economic and educational obstacles to labour market integration in their chosen field.
  • EU VET Support and the corresponding National, Regional and Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks in the partner countries. In total 312 people will directly benefit from the participating in the EfDM project including 15 project staff, 7 VET practitioners taking part in teaching and training activities, 50 VET students accessing pilot courses and 240 people taking part in Multiplier Events. Dissemination functions will also engage significant additional numbers of Digital Media employers,
    VET organisations, practitioners and learners.