LIFETWO: Learning Interculturality from Religions towards Outreach Activities

LIFETWO: Learning Interculturality from Religions towards Outreach Activities

“Focusing on the good practices around inclusive education, combating racism and promoting tolerance and social cohesion in local communities, particularly in secondary

The EU was conceived as a bastion of democracy and inclusivity. However, in today’s Europe the resurgence of extremist rhetoric can undermine democratic values. Teenagers building their identity and looking for a sense of purpose are more likely to be attracted to radical ideas and movements, since they are more responsive to various influences.
Therefore, education is the key to achieve civil awareness and social cohesion, leading to a fully democratic model of European citizenship.



The “LIFE TWO: Learning Interculturality from Religions towards Outreach Activities” project aims to foster a participatory pedagogical methodology for secondary education.
“LIFE TWO” is based on a previous model (“Life”), which was successfully addressed to primary education in five European countries, as part of the religious education courses. The current project intends to test the method in secondary schools and propose a strategy to prevent and combat any forms of racism, intolerance and hatred.
The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, Key Action 3: Support for policy reform – Sub-action: Social Inclusion and Common Values: The Contribution in the Field of Education and Training.



  • promoting human rights, democratic citizenship and participation
  • enhancing intercultural dialogue, tolerance and social cohesion
  • combating hatred and prejudice through knowledge about the world’s religions and beliefs and their history, enabling the individual to understand and respect different cultures


  • LIFE2 Learning Guide Manual
  • Piloting the method in secondary schools
  • Spring School
  • Role-play game: a face-to-face community-based game which will be tested during the Spring School, as a didactic tool E-learning platform with educational materials available


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