REciprocal maieutic Approach pathways enhancing Critical Thinking

REciprocal maieutic Approach pathways enhancing Critical Thinking


REACT project intends to develop and implement an innovative methodology for the enhancement of critical thinking (CT) skills acquisition, aimed at fostering inclusive education and the common values of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

The new methodology involves the key actors of the educating communities: teachers, students and parents. The approach starts from the application of a set of laboratories based on the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA) for discovering and discussing the process that leads to the creation of intolerance and spreading of stereotypes.

The RMA will be enriched with some peculiar aspects of the Montessori’s experience, the application of the observation principle and the re-tought of the learning space.

REACT will produce a Report Analysis on the development of RMA pathways, Nationals and EU Biographic ReportsREACT Manual, Guidelines for conducting RM laboratories, Nationals and EU Report on the piloting experience as well as Policy Recommendations.

The RM laboratories developed by REACT project will enhance critical thinking as the development of an ability to see the world in a more open way (Ten Dam and Volman, 2004) for students, teachers and parents, quite often excluded from this kind of activities.

During the meeting, the project concept has been explained to the partners and project gant chart has been discussed.

Topics and outputs have been explained among partnership consortium. The expectations and responsibilities of project management and implementation process have been shared and further plans have been conducted.

REACT – REciprocal maieutic Approach pathways enhancing Critical Thinking is cofinanced by Erasmus+ – Support for Policy Reform – Social inclusion through education, training and youth.


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