S4BC – Innovative Skills For Benefit CompanieS

S4BC – Innovative Skills For Benefit CompanieS

 S4BC intends to support the development of the Benefit Company business model, indicating by this general definition a combination of the goal of profit with the creation of a positive impact for society and the environment. Based on the assumption that the transformation to this new model can only be achieved through a profound evolution of human resources, it is noted that while the skills of managerial roles are already being upgraded, there is no adequate plan for the training and upgrading of professional figures who will have to implement the transformation within companies. To enable them to move toward transformation into Benefit Companies, it is deemed important that management training is accompanied by intensive training of the companies’ operational roles.

Overall objective:

  • Develop the “Operation Specialist for Benefit Company” curriculum and related training course.
  • To enable learners to work within a Benefit Company with operational tasks.
  • The course is aimed at vocational education and training students and job seekers with EQF qualification levels 4/5.

Specific Objectives:

  • Outline the characteristics of the BC model at the European level
  • Define the skills gaps needed for BC
  • Share a methodology for constructing a vocational training pathway and related curriculum for BC
  • Develop a curriculum and related training path for Operation Specialist for BC.
  • Developing tools and teaching materials for the training course in Operation Specialist for BC.
  • Development of an “Exploitation Strategy” to disseminate the Curriculum and related training pathway in the EU dimension.

The project is being developed in partnership with training and research institutions operating in several European countries. The entities constituting the partnership:

  • Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca, Italy
  • Kaunas Science and Technology Park, Lithuania kaunomtp.lt
  • Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta, Spain manra.org
  • L. ADULT EDUCATION & TRAINING LIMITED, Ireland www.capacityireland.ie
  • Agrupamento de Escolas José Estevão, Portugal aeje.pt
  • ARIS Formazione e Ricerca Società Cooperativa, Italy arisformazione.it

More info here: https://skills4bc.eu/