Erasmus Plus (Page 5)

The project is focused on an innovative, participatory-based, pedagogical method for developing transversal skills related to multiculturalism and integration. It aims to ensure first and foremost the right of children to be fully integrated through adequate intercultural and inter-religious mediation. The main value of European citizenship is its dynamic andLeggi di più ..

Dyspraxia is a hidden handicap that affects around 6% of European students. It impacts on 4 major activities in schools: reading, writing, arithmetic and organization. The general awareness of public authorities and educative world is getting better since few years but access to adapted resources, interoperable and connected to theLeggi di più ..

Objectives To promote the awareness of the role of the publishing sector in the European culture and identity and enhance the role of small and medium publishers also at regional level To create professional skills with the needed requirement for accompanying the actual transition to the epublishing and connect themLeggi di più ..

OBJECTIVES To promote social inclusion, tolerance, non-discrimination and other factors that prevent violence in school through an innovative approach known as Quiet Time, which uses the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique To adapt and transfer the chosen good practice in 3 countries (Nederland, Sweden and Portugal), targeting schools with minority studentsLeggi di più ..