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  The purpose of the SAFER – SociAl competences and FundamEntal Rights for preventing bullying  project is to develop and implement an innovative method for preventing school violence and bullying, aimed at fostering inclusive education and based on the enhancement of the acquisition of social and civic competences and on the knowledge, promotionLeggi di più ..

  REACT project intends to develop and implement an innovative methodology for the enhancement of critical thinking (CT) skills acquisition, aimed at fostering inclusive education and the common values of tolerance and acceptance of diversity. The new methodology involves the key actors of the educating communities: teachers, students and parents. The approach startsLeggi di più ..

“Focusing on the good practices around inclusive education, combating racism and promoting tolerance and social cohesion in local communities, particularly in secondary schools”. The EU was conceived as a bastion of democracy and inclusivity. However, in today’s Europe the resurgence of extremist rhetoric can undermine democratic values. Teenagers building their identityLeggi di più ..